Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Help - My dryer squeaks!

Squeaking Dryer help!
10/30/13 -  UPDATE:  It turns out that this post was the first of 3 about fixing my dryer.  It needed new front and rear bearings.  The good news is that it's been more than a year since I originally made this post and the dryer is functioning normally!  To make your life a little easier, here are the posts and pix related to fixing a squeaky dryer!

Read the rest of this post to hear about replacing the rear bearing.  (Do yourself a favor and replace the front and rear bearings at the same time if you can!

How to disassemble the dryer.

How to replace the front bearing and slides. (lots of pictures included).

Dryer Won't Spin/ Removing the belt

 Dryer Won't Spin/ Installing the new belt


Original Post

I enjoy creating from scratch, making up new ways to do things and fixing broken things.  It's one of my passions.  All of this was great when I was sewing little rag dolls and snaking out the shower drain.

Recently a little problem developed at my house.  The dryer.  Now I like the dryer as much as the next person.  It's a modern convenience that I really and truly appreciate.  Back in 2000 or so the dryer in my building broke and for one long summer my entire apartment was strewn with clothes lines.  NEVER AGAIN!

As a real life grown up & home owner I feel that it is my responsibility to fix and repair appliances promptly and with the least amount of fuss.  The problem with the dryer is that it wasn't broken, broken.  It was making a noise.  So, I did what any normal human being would do, I ignored it and hoped that the noise would go away.  I closed the basement door when the dryer was running and we couldn't hear it.  Problem solved.

Well cut to a month later - the dryer is so loud that you can hear it in every room of the house even with door closed.  It was time to act.

I googled "my dryer squeaks" and discovered that this is actually a very common problem.  It seems that the rollers or bearing [which ever my dryer has] needed to be replaced.

I called the local dryer repair people and was informed that for the low, low price of $230 they could send someone to my house to tell me what was wrong with the dryer.  I already knew what was wrong with it.  I needed it repaired.

Apparently, fuel from the repair shop to my house costs $230.  That fee could not be waived.  The kind repairman, I was told, would be able to repair my dryer for $230 + parts and labor.

That's when I decided to cut out the middle man and tackle this sucker on my own.  First, though, I did the calculations.  Cost of dryer repair = $230 + parts and labor.  Cost of a new dryer = $500 on sale.   Cost of new to me/used dryer = $200-$300.  Cost for me to fix dryer = cost of parts + shipping.

Even if I totally screw up and break the dryer the whole deal won't cost me too much.  So, with nothing to lose, I took the dryer apart.

Many thanks to the good people at and!  I was able to troubleshoot and repair the dryer on my own for about $80 + 2-3 hours of my time (since I had NO IDEA) what I was doing!


First, you will need to disassemble the machine.  Here's a link that may help.

Remove the front and top of the dryer

Next you'll need to remove the belt and drum.  The belt winds around a pulley system and then around the drum. Working from the bottom of the drum, loosen the belt.

This is my belt assembly.  You will have to find yours.

  Google "[manufacturer] belt assembly".  There are TONS of pictures listed on line.

Once the belt is removed, the drum should lift out (kind of).  You'll likely have to wiggle it around the dryers sides.  This is not a hard job.  Just take a deep breath and work/wiggle it a little bit.  It should come out.

Dryer drum removed!

There are wires inside the back of the dryer.  You'll need to remove them to make this repair.  Take a picture of the wires so you know how to put them back!

Use your phone to photograph the wires.

Turns out, there was a groundhog size ball of lint in the blower housing [I think that's what it's called].  The rear bearings were bad, the ground strap was broken, the front bearings were seriously worn and the dryer was off balance.

I didn't take a picture of the next step.  Basically I took the old rear bearing off the back of the drum and put the new one on. 
Rear Bearing

Taking the drying apart and replacing broken/missing parts was easy.  Getting the dryer belt back on was a BEAST!

Now put everything back together!

The drum goes in pretty easy.  Getting the belt back on might make you cuss!

You'll need to refer to the belt assembly chart again.

Belt assembly chart
Drum and belt in place!

While the dryer is open, use this time to replace the front bearings, felt and glides.  Directions are here!

The good news about the front bearing and glides is that you don't have to deal with that belt again!

Put the dryer front back on and you're all SET!

You are now able to dry clothes in peace and harmony!

Where do I pick up my supermom cape!?

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Angry Birds Goody Bags

I wanted to make cute fabric goody bags for my son's birthday party but was shocked to discover that Angry Birds fabric is hard to come by.  So, I improvised.

The design is pretty simple and is based on a picture i found for Angry Birds Space.

The process was pretty simple.  Here's what i did.

Total cost for a dozen goody bags was $8.  I bought 1 yard of plain red fabric (on sale), several pieces of felt, red ribbon.  I also used a glue gun.

I ended up not using the thread and opted instead to use a glue gun.  It was MUCH faster than sewing!
If your artistic, you can probably free hand draw the pattern.  If you're not so artistic, here's how you make a pattern.

So that i would have perfect circles, I used a bowl and a shot glass.
I used a bowl and a shot glass to draw the circles.  I made the triangles and the diamond without any help.

Next, cut out the shapes.

The large circle will be used for the eyes and the body.  Cut the large circle in half.

Next make the background for the eyes.

Fold a half circle in half and mark point.

Now for the body.  Take the other (uncut) half circle and fold it in half. 

Mark and cut this circle as pictured. 

This is what your circles should look like.

Now find the small circle.  Mark and cut as pictured.

This will be the white of the eye.

For the top of the beak, mark and cut the diamond as pictured.

Now your pattern is all ready.

If you are making 1 goody bag,

1 - black eye piece
1- brown body piece
2- white eye pieces
1- gold lower beak (large triangle)
1- purple tongue (small triangle)
1 - gold upper beak (diamond)

Cut 1 square of red fabric for the goody bag.

Next, lay everything out to make sure that it looks good to you.

Adjust everything so that it's sitting just right then sew or hot glue it all in place.

In terms of placement , i centered the face on the center front of the bag.  I sewed the ribbon tie just above the eyes.

Next, fold the angry bird face in half and sew the back seam.

sew the back seam
Next, adjust the bag so that the face will be flat.  Sew the bottom seem.

sew the bottom seam
Turn the bag, inside out.  Finish the top edge.

Now fill with goodies!!!!